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Top Maple Enterprise Sdn Bhd - Company Profile

TOP MAPLE ENTERPRISE SDN BHD was founded in August 1993 by Chen Chiang Soo, Chairman & Managing Director with over 10 years of extensive marketing, sales and retail marketing. With preserving efforts and commitment, now we have successfully developed and established as one of the leading company in supplying kitchen equipments, kitchenware, kitchen utensils, commercial refridgerators, gas or electrical equipments which includes locally made & imported ones from Taiwan, France, China & etc. We do provide customade items for our customers to widen their choices and fulfill their requirements with this we also get to expand our knowledge and think out of the box.

Services Provided - Repair & Maintenance

While ramping up the growth of our business, our full range of repair & maintenance services includes welding, ventilation, ducting, repair refridgerators, service gas or electrical kitchen equipments to improve the equipment facility and to ensure consumer satisfication. And also, to improve more on this, we provide weekly service where we appoint technician for each week to perform repair and maintenance services on our customers's machine or equipment at our showrooms and also at customer's place.

Services Provided - Trade In

Nevertheless, our subsidiary company TOP MAPLE ENTERPRISE do offers trade in services where our customers decided to sell back their kitchen equipments to us. With this, we are make sure that the kitchen equipments are not put to waste but is capable to be REPAIRED, REFINISHED AND REUSED. 
 And also since the market for the second-hand goods is growing rapidly, therefore we are supply  those trade in goods as second hand goods. Hence, progressively giving way to the realization of the value for second-hand and reusable goods.

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